Alvin Chon

Graduate Research Assistant, Huang Lab
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In college I was fascinated when I heard about the Human Genome Project. What intrigued me is the fact that we are trying to understand ourselves and nature through identifying our genetic code, 3 billion bases, by assembling short sequences. The question is why did this impact me so much, but truthfully the answer is simple: understanding ourselves through computation. The more and more I read about the Human Genome Project, the challenges, future promises, and the field it ushered in, I knew this is it. I switched my major to Bioinformatics and after graduation took a job in Neuroscience to understand how our brain works. I haven’t looked

back and in 2006, I became fascinated with the problem of Non Invasive Prenatal Diagnostics



At the beginning I focused mostly on NIPD and Genomics as I worked in industry. Early on I realized that I didn’t have enough knowledge and skills to solve these problems computationally. Thus, I went back for a MS while working at precursors and an eventual startup, Diagnomics.

While I was overzealous to do both at the same time, the most valuable takeaway is actually not

an algorithm, but the ability to model complex biological problems of disparate data in a

mathematical manner that lends themselves to be solved computationally. Thus, in 2014 after

nearly a decade long endeavor trying to solve the associated challenges, I completed a full NIPT solution at EoneDiagnomics, a joint venture between Diagnomics and Eone (clinical lab testing company in South Korea). This solution incorporated state of the art lab techniques, protocols, and a custom informatics solution along with reporting. EoneDiagnomics now offers a NICE test in the cloud through the USA with Bioinformatics CLIA approval.



  • Models → Probability Models especially for Biological problems
  • Statistical Modeling and Inference
  • Algorithms
  • Programming
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Bioinformatics
  • Genomics
  • Next Generation Sequencing Technologies, Applications, Tools
  • Personalized Medicine
Area of Expertise: 
Big Data
Personalized Medicine
B.S., Biology/Bioinformatics, Trinity College, Hartford, CT
M.S, Computational Biology, Univ. of CA, Irvine