Fall 2016 Class of BCB Students

Class of 2016 wo AvaniOur new students who joined last Fall have finished their first academic year in BCB !  Congratulations !   Many have completed their rotations and selected their new permanent labs.  The labs these students joined include these BCB faculty members: Roger Wise in Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Carolyn Lawrence Dill in GDCB, Xiaoqiu Huang in Computer Science, Julien Roche in BBMB, Karin Dorman in Statistics, Eve Wurtele in GDCB  and John Nason in EEOB.

Several did rotations with several new faculty in the BCB program.

They have taken part in several sponsored BCBGSO activities including the BCBGSO Unix and Python workshops. Many took part in the BCB Symposium on March 31.  We look forward to a great summer !

Our new Fall 2017 class has been finalized and eight students will be joining us this fall.  Information on them can be found here.


Resources for Students

For all students Campus Resources For New Students
BCB Handbook Student Counseling Pre Arrival
Forms and Publications Harassment Issues Orientation
High Performance Computing Ombuds Office Rotations

Latest Resource: On-Line Laptop checkout form

Congratulations to Recent Graduates

Fall, 2016

--Jie Liu, BBMB, Jernigan/Song, TBD.

--Kannan Sankar, BBMB, Jernigan/Dobbs, Schrodinger - Computational Drug Design, Antibody Engineering, New York City.

Spring, 2017

Bhagyashree Birla, GDCB, Henderson/Dill, TBD

Haibo Liu, Animal Science, Tuggle/Liu, Pioneer.

Summer, 2017

--Priyanka Surana, Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Wise/Nettleton, TBD.

--Zhanyou Xu, Agronomy, Beavis/Cannon, Advanta, US, Inc.

BCB Dissertations

BCB now has a presence on ISU's Digital Repository here.  Currently, some dissertations are there.  Publications will also be added over time.  Publication citations are currently here.

Internship Opportunities for Current Students

BCB students have taken part in important internship opportunities typically during summer semesters including:

  • Boehringer Ingelheim - Xin Yin
  • Dow - Chris Eisley, Ruolin Liu, Yuan Wang
  • Genentech - Kannan Sankar
  • Merck - Misha Rajaram, Li Xue and Usha Muppirala
  • Monsanto - Wengang Zhou, Gaurav Kandoi
  • Micron Technologies - Yao Fu
  • Novartis - Xiaoyong Sun
  • Regeneron - Jie Liu
  • Siemens - Fadi Towfic
  • Syngenta - Yves Sucaet, Matt Moscou, Divya Mistry

View the Internship page here.

After Graduation

View job placement sites here.