2019 ISU PIRS Mini Symposium

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - 8:00am to Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 5:00pm
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Registration (free) is now open for the 2019 PIRS Mini-Symposium: 

"Novel candidate gene discovery by computing on phenotypes” 

Apr 3-4, 2019 — ISU’s Alumni Center in Ames, IA  

REGISTRATION: https://phenomics.iastate.edu

The primary goals of the meeting are:

  • to convene scientists interested in discovering & computing on phenotypes, especially phenotypes that are similar across large evolutionary distances and/or diverse organisms (“phenologs”)
  • to generate ideas and focus groups for developing future collaborations and grant proposals

Our  research goal is to develop integrated computational and experimental approaches for identifying underlying similarities in biological processes across diverse organisms (e.g., Arabidopsis to zebrafish to human).  Talks and posters from both computational biologists who focus on “phenomics” and experimental biologists who work on compelling biological problems in model organisms.  


Todd Vision (UNC, Chapel Hill), Maura McGrail (ISU), Jeanne Serb(ISU), Jianming Yu(ISU), Justin Walley (ISU)

Student Speakers:  Ian Braun (BCB/P3, ISU) and Claire McWhite (Univ Texas)

Wed Apr 3

AM - Talks (keynotes, short talks) & poster session

Noon - Lunch provided

PM - Talks, focused discussion groups  & poster session

Thurs Apr 4  

Optional Tours of ISU Facilities (e.g., Enviratron, Plant Transformation Facility)

This mini-symposium is supported by an ISU Presidential Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grant Program (PIRS)

 awarded to: Diane Bassham (PI), Carolyn Dill, Matthew Ellinwood and Drena Dobbs.