School and Living Costs

Student Income

Each graduate student admitted to the BCB program at ISU receives an assistantship with monthly pay which totals between $22,000 and $25,000 per year depending on the fellowship or assistantship they receive.


Annual Expenses

School and living costs total about $21,000 per year:

Here is a tuition and fees calculator:


Monthly Expenses

Here is a break down of typical apartment and food costs (room and board) in Ames for one month:

  • One bedroom apartment: $750 per month. Ames Apartment Search by price, area and features, floor plans, pictures. Many with Pets approved. Many apartment complexes in Ames offer special deals to get you into the unit--check the local paper classifieds, Ames Tribune or campus newspaper, The Daily for listings.
  • Shared 2 or 3 bedroom apartments will be less expensive.
  • Utilities, internet hookup, cable, phone: $150; sometimes utilities, internet, and/or cable included in rent
  • Food and beverages: $300
  • City and Campus Bus System, CyRide: free. Rent an apartment close to a CyRide route !
  • Car expenses, insurance, gas: $250. Car payment?
  • Miscellaneous: $300