BCB 690, Student Seminar

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 4:00pm
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BCB 690, Student Seminar

--Agenda for January 27 - Presentation by Ashish Jain, BCB Graduate Student who is doing rotations. His rotations include Iddo Friedberg, VMPM, Geetu Tuteja, GDCB, and Taner Sen, GDCB.

Instructor: Dennis Lavrov


  • Presentations will be 15-20 minutes with ~5 minutes for questions.
  • Roll will be taken each week.
  • Ask questions!

For your presentation:

  • Email instructor with presentation file by noon on the Monday preceding your presentation for any critical input
  • Email instructor and the other presenter with a paragraph that will serve as your introduction to the class
  • Prepare to introduce the other speaker on the day of your seminar
  • Attend office hours the NEXT DAY after your seminar to go over your feedback from students.

Learning outcome expectations:

  • improved skills in presenting and assessing scientific seminars.

Carrot: Travel awards for best presentations!!! $800 for a first place, $600 for a second place and $400 for a 3rd place.