BCB Faculty Candidate Seminar - (Joy) Ying Zhou

Thursday, January 28, 2016 - 4:00pm
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(Joy) Ying Zhou will present a seminar for the ISU community on Thursday, January 28 in 1213 Hoover Hall at 4:10.  There will be a reception at 3:45 in 404 Carver Hall prior to the seminar.

Dr. Zhou is a BCB faculty candidate for a position in the Mathematics Department.  The College of LAS granted a faculty cluster hire to the BCB program as one of their initiatives to support Big Data and Data Analytics research at Iowa State.

Details of the seminar:

Spatiotemporal Dynamics of a Population Under Environmental Changes

Abstract: We live in an environment that is constantly changing. On a large time scale, climate change has a global effect on the dynamics of plant populations. On a smaller scale, there are seasonal changes of local habitats, for example, flooding and drying of wetland habitats. In this talk, I will present a spatial perspective of the effects of environmental changes. What happens when the suitable habitat of a population changes its location, or its size over time? Are there limits of the population’s ability to cope with these spatial changes? How does the life history of plant species affect their persistence in the presence of environmental change? I will present a set of mathematical models aiming at answering these questions.

Dr. Zhou's website is at: https://yingzhou.weebly.com/