BCB Students to participate in Girls In Science event

January 17, 2018

The BCB Graduate Student Organization (BCBGSO) will once again participate in the Girl's in Science event in Des Moines on February 10th: http://www.sciowa.org/engage/girls-in-science/ .  BCB students have been participating in this outreach event for a number of years.

Please contact Valeria Velasquez Zapata if you are interested in taking part in this exciting outreach activity to introduce STEM to younger audiences.

The Science Center prepares a venue with several tables set up to receive the girls (all ages - 4-18) and their families who will walk around to each of the tables to do the activities. Planned activities include a word search activity, laptops set up with a sequence alignment activity (http://phylo.cs.mcgill.ca/), and a table with a phylogenetic tree and little toy animals for participants to put on the tree. 

If you would like to participate and enjoy this opportunity to connect with and educate these girls, and to show them a little bit of the work of a bioinformatician, you are invited to take part. Send Valeria an email so a meeting can be set up to organize the activity.

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