Dan Nettleton named Director of the Baker Center for Bioinformatics and Biological Statistics

September 29, 2016

Dan Nettleton has been named director of the Laurence H. Baker Center for Bioinformatics and Biological Statistics at Iowa State University.  Nettleton will lead the L.H. Baker Center’s work in developing and applying statistical methods for addressing challenges in biological sciences research.

NettletoPhoto of Dan Nettletonn, a Distinguished Professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a BCB faculty member and a professor of statistics, said he intends to continue the L.H. Baker Center’s tradition of collaboration with researchers throughout Iowa State – and grow the center’s presence in the use of data science in biosciences and agricultural innovations.

“I’m excited to lead the L.H. Baker Center’s research mission, which really exemplifies Iowa State’s emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration,” said Nettleton. “We’re looking forward to building on a strong history of helping scientists from across the university develop experimental designs and data analysis strategies that make new bioscience discoveries possible.”

Pat Schnable, director of the Iowa State Plant Sciences Institute that oversees the L.H. Baker Center, is pleased to announce Nettleton’s appointment.

“Dan brings the right mix of vision, experience, and collaborative spirit to grow the L.H. Baker Center’s role in the emerging field of predictive plant phenotyping,” said Schnable, who is also C.F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and professor of agronomy, Iowa Corn Endowed Chair of Genetics, and an endowed Baker Scholar of Agricultural Entrepreneurship.    

Nettleton, a renowned statistical genomicist, earned his master’s and PhD degrees in statistics from the University of Iowa and was an assistant professor of statistics at the University of Nebraska for four years before joining Iowa State in 2000. He was named the Laurence H. Baker Endowed Chair in Biological Statistics in 2007, and was named Distinguished Professor in 2015.

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