Four Microscopy Facilities Merging to Provide Improved Service

January 11, 2017

AMES, Iowa – The Confocal and Multiphoton Facility, Image Analysis Facility, Microscopy and NanoImaging Facility, and the Roy J. Carver Laboratory for Ultrahigh Resolution Biological Microscopy (part of the Institute for Combinatorial Discovery) are merging into a new Roy J. Carver High Resolution Microscopy Facility (HRMF). Margie Carter, Tracey Stewart, and Curtis Mosher will manage the HRMF, to be administered by the Office of Biotechnology. Existing services will continue uninterrupted.

When the location merger is completed (fall 2017), the HRMF will allow on- and off-campus researchers and their students to obtain one-stop access to instrumentation, technical assistance, consultation and training related to atomic force microscopy, photomacrography, laser capture microdissection, light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, confocal and multiphoton instrumentation, optical and hyperspectral workstations, cryopreservation, cyto-chemistry, tomography, x-ray microanalysis and image analysis.

Margie Carter will manage confocal, multiphoton, image analysis, and laser capture microdissection services in room 0116 Molecular Biology Building. Atomic force and hyperspectral microscopy services, 0122 Molecular Biology Building, will be managed by Curtis Mosher. Electron and light microscopy services, managed by Tracey Stewart and currently offered in room 003 of Bessey Hall, will relocate to the Molecular Biology Building when space renovations are completed. Beginning now, the new name Roy J. Carver High Resolution Microscopy Facility should be used in future grant proposals or acknowledgments.

The merger of the four existing facilities is supported, in part, by a generous equipment donation by DuPont Pioneer and ongoing support from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust.

The HRMF is a fee-for-service facility, with fees for on- and off-campus users posted online. For more information, email the facility or contact one of the managers.

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