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BCB -- An Exciting Interdisciplinary Research Adventure              

The BCB program provides exciting research opportunities with more than 100 nationally and internationally known faculty - biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and physicists - who participate in a wide range of collaborative projects.

The BCB Training Program

In the first year, BCB graduate students participate in research rotations in three or more laboratories to determine where they will do their PhD research and to gain experience in both "wet" and "dry" lab environments.

In the second year, students initiate an interdisciplinary thesis research project under the guidance of two mentors, one biological scientist and one mathematician/computer scientist/statistician. One mentor serves as the student's "major professor" and the other as the "co-major professor." Joint mentoring is viewed as a critical component of the interdisciplinary BCB training program.

Financial Support/Fellowships

All graduate students admitted to the BCB program are supported by graduate assistantships. Yearly stipends range from $24,000 to $30,000 depending on the assistantship or fellowship received. The costs of tuition and health care coverage are included with an assistantship.

Graduates from BCB -- Jobs !

The impressive outcomes of our 100+ BCB alums continue to create national prominence for our program. Graduates hold positions in academia, industry and government.  There are about an equal number in academia as in industrial positions, although industrial positions are currently growing faster.  

  • Preeti Bais, mentors, Julie Dickerson, ECPE, and Basil Nikolau, BBMB, joined a start-up with Stemina in Madison, WI, which perfectly matched her dissertation research topic; She is now an Associate Computational Scientist, Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT;
  • Scott Boyken, mentors, Amy Andreotti, Bob Jernigan and Drena Dobbs, joined David Baker's lab at the University of WA, Seattle; Baker is a top researcher in protein folding in the U.S.
  • Erin Doyle, mentors, Adam Bogdanove and Dan Nettleton, is an assistant professor of biology with Doane College in Crete, MO.
  • Pan Du, mentors, Julie Dickerson, ECPE, Eve Wurtele, GDCB, moved from Northwestern Univ. in Chicago to a position with Robert Gentleman's group at Genentech in San Francisco, CA. Genentech works with genetic engineering techniques to develop new medicines. Pan Du joins Michael Lawrence, another BCB alum, who has worked with Gentleman for a number of years. His mentor was Di Cook, Statistics.
  • Tieming Ji, mentors, Dan Nettleton, Statistics, and Pat Schnable, Agronomy, is a faculty member at the University of Missouri, Columbia, in the Statistics Department.
  • Nick Larson, mentors, Dan Nettleton, Statistics, and Jack Dekkers, Animal Science, joined the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN as did Michael Zimmermann, mentors, Bob Jernigan, BBMB, and Edward Yu, Physics;
  • Matthew Moscou, Mentors, Roger Wise, Plant Pathology; Julie Dickerson, ECPE, is a Group Leader with the Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, England. He initially joined as a postdoctoral fellow having received a Human Frontiers scholarship.
  • Olga Nikolova is with the Oregon Health & Science University as a Senior Research Associate. Previously she was with Sage Bionetworks in Seattle, WA which creates disease predictive models from clinical datasets to improve the speed and efficiency of drug development. Olga's mentor's were Srinivas Aluru, ECPE, and Pat Schnable, Agronomy.

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