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Future Students

BCB -- An Exciting Interdisciplinary Research Adventure

Ian Braun

The BCB program provides exciting research opportunities with more than 100 nationally and internationally known faculty - biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and physicists - who participate in a wide range of collaborative projects.

The BCB Training Program

In the first year, BCB graduate students participate in research rotations in three or more laboratories to determine where they will do their PhD research and to gain experience in both "wet" and "dry" lab environments.

In the second year, students initiate an interdisciplinary thesis research project under the guidance of two mentors, one biological scientist and one mathematician/computer scientist/statistician. One mentor serves as the student's "major professor" and the other as the "co-major professor." Joint mentoring is viewed as a critical component of the interdisciplinary BCB training program.

Financial Support/Fellowships

All graduate students admitted to the BCB program are supported by graduate assistantships. Yearly stipends range from $24,000 to $30,000 depending on the assistantship or fellowship received. The costs of tuition and health care coverage are included with an assistantship.

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