GDCB Seminar - Brad Day

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 4:10pm
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Brad Day
Plant, Soil and Microbial Science
Michigan State University

“Pathogen manipulation of actin dynamics and stomatal immunity”

The eukaryotic actin cytoskeleton is comprised of a dynamic and tightly regulated pool of globular (G)--‐ and filamentous (F)--‐actin whose activities and organization are linked to a diverse array of cellular functions. Actin, together with the more than 75 actin--‐binding proteins identified in plants, regulates key signaling processes, including those required for stomatal movement and immunity. Current work in the Day lab utilizes high--‐resolution quantitative imaging in the stomatal guard cell to dissect the function and regulation of actin as a key component of the plant immune network. Plant stomatal guard cells are an attractive, amenable, and biologically relevant cell type for further dissecting the role of actin dynamics in plant immunity. I will present recent data from our group that defines the relationships linking basic physiological processes (e.g., hormone signaling, circadian rhythms) to the host immune response. Through this, I will present our current work towards defining 1) the processes that dynamically respond to, and function as cellular switches between, pathogen, immunity, and hormone signaling; 2) the phospho--‐regulation and pathogen targeting of a key regulatory node that controls cytoskeletal organization and stomatal guard cell dynamics; and 3) a demonstration of a role for actin in critical stomatal--‐ based signaling pathways.  

Join us for refreshments in the MBB atrium at 3:45 PM before the seminar  

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