GDCB Seminar - Ram Dixit

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 4:10pm
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Ram Dixit
Department of Biology

Washington University in St. Louis

“Tending the Microtubule Garden: Pruners, Protectors and Growers”

Abstract: In plants, the cortical microtubule cytoskeleton determines cell shape by spatially organizing the deposition of cell wall material. To perform this morphogenetic function, cortical microtubules need to be arranged into defined structures depending on the cell type and developmental state. This feat is achieved by a host of microtubule-associated proteins that regulate polymer number, length and turnover. In my talk, I will present our recent findings on how the microtubule severing protein katanin and new plus-end and minus-end tracking proteins that we have discovered in Arabidopsis thaliana work together to control cortical microtubule dynamics and architecture. I will also briefly discuss the research objectives and opportunities for students and postdocs at our National Science Foundation-funded Center for Engineering Mechanobiology.

Host: Stephen Howell

Please join us for refreshments in the Molecular Biology Building atrium at 3:45 p.m. before the seminar.