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Minor Requirements

Summary of Degree Requirements for the BCB Minor

A graduate minor in BCB requires:

  • completion of two core BCB courses, BCB 567, 568 or 570 (6 credits);
  • Stat 483/583 (3 credits) or Stat 587 and 588 (8 credits) could be substituted;
  • 1 credit each in BCB Workshop (BCB 593), Faculty Seminar (BCB 691) and Student Seminar (BCB 690); and
  • completion of 3 credits in courses listed under BCB Advanced Group Requirements. The Program of Study Committee must approve the selected courses.

In addition:

  • the planned POS must be reviewed by the BCB Chair prior to POS committee approval;
  • at least one member of the POS committee must be a BCB faculty member; and
  • application for minor must be made prior to PhD preliminary examination.