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BCB Faculty receive Honors

BCB Faculty Excellence Recognized

More than 50 ISU faculty and staff were honored during an annual awards ceremony on Monday, Sept. 25, in ISU's Memorial Union Great Hall.

Overall, 29 award were given to 54 recipients. Presenters include interim President Ben Allen, senior vice president and provost Jonathan Wickert, vice president for diversity and inclusion Reg Stewart, senior vice president for student affairs Martino Harmon, vice president for research Sarah Nusser, vice president for economic development and business engagement Michael Crum, senior vice president for university services Kate Gregory and interim vice president for extension and outreach John Lawrence.

Several BCB faculty members were recognized and awarded honors at this ceremony including the following:

Regents Award for Faculty Excellence - F. Chris Minion, professor of veterinary microbiology and preventive medicine, and a BCB faculty member received this honor.  The award is presented by the state Board of Regents to recognize tenured faculty members are outstanding university citizens and who have rendered significant service to the university or the state of Iowa.

Margaret Ellen White Graduate Faculty Award - Dan Nettleton, Distinguished Professor in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Laurence H. Baker Chair in Biological Statistics, professor of statistic and a BCB faculty member was the sole recipient of this award.  Established by a long-time staff member of the Graduate College, the award recognizes superior performance by a member of the graduate faculty in enriching the student-professor relationship and enabling students to finish their work in a timely and scholarly manner.

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research - Christopher Tuggle, professor of animal science and BCB faculty member received this award which recognizes a tenured faculty member who has a national or international reputation for contributions in research and has influenced the research activities of students.

Professional and Scientific Excellence Award - Andrew Severin, scientist, office of biotechnology and BCB faculty member received this award which recognizes contributions and career progress demonstrated by accomplishments at Iowa State.

Congratulations, Drs. Minion, Nettleton, Tuggle and Severin !