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Computational Biology Positions Available

Computational Protein Design Scientist

We are seeking a highly talented and motivated Research Scientist to join our Protein Structure & Design team in the area of computational protein design. The successful candidate will use both rational and combinatorial design approaches as well as software-aided analysis of protein properties to design protein variants.  It is expected that the candidate will drive projects through data driven design cycles.  These efforts will provide protein variants with improved target properties relevant to the project team(s) and increase our understanding of protein design/structure/function relationships – ultimately leading to the increased efficiency of our protein design program. The successful candidate is expected to collaborate extensively across projects and geographic locations, often in the form of providing expert opinions on any protein structure/function considerations.

Required Skills/Experience:

  • Minimum of a Ph.D. or equivalent in biochemistry, computational biology, molecular biology, structural biology or a related discipline with significant experience in protein design

  • Working expertise of the experimental and computational aspects of protein structure/function and design

  • Fluent in Linux and computer programming/scripting

  • Proficient in tools/algorithms used for computational design/analysis of novel proteins

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work on multiple project teams

Desired Skills/Experience:

  • 1 or more years of Postdoctoral experience or equivalent industry experience

  • Experience interfacing with computer clusters, preferably cloud based

  • Comfortable with large, complex datasets and machine learning algorithms

  • Familiar with wet lab techniques in protein biochemistry

  • Experience in project collaboration

  • Relevant scientific publications in peer reviewed journals