Cameron Fay

Graduate Assistant - Research, Toth Lab
Cam Fay

Past Research Experiences

Has Statistics background and is comfortable with descriptive statistics, t-tests, Chi-square, homogeneity of variance, normality, ANOVA, correlation, regression, and general linear models including interactions between two variables.

  • Morphometric Analysis of Owl Skull Asymmetry
  • Used Excel, Minitab and MorphoJ to analyze and quantify the different owl skull shapes and sizes across species, genus, and family.
  • Examined the formation of asymmetrical earholes in certain species of owls-carried out a 3D geometric morphometric shape analysis of asymmetrical bone structures in the ears of owl skulls. Expanded his statistical repertoire from bivariate analysis to multivariate statistics.  Analysis included a Procrustes superimposition of 3D landmark-based coordinate data which extracted shape information. He then performed a principal components analysis of the shape coordinates. Finally, analyzed the amount of shape variation within different owl genera and concluded that those genera with directional asymmetry had significantly more morphological variation. He presented his findings at the Biology Dept. Student Poster Session.

Teaching Experience

Skidmore College Biostatistics Teaching Assistant
Mathnasium Learning Center - Tutor math to children ages 8 to 18

Area of Expertise: 
Computational Biology