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Heike Hofmann

Heike Hofmann

  • Professor
  • Statistics
Data Visualization, Multivariate Categorical Data Analysis, Statistical Computing, Exploratory Data Analysis and Interactive Statistical Graphics. My main research area is Statistical Graphics and its part of Exploratory Data Analysis. I am particularly interested in Explorations of Large Data Sets.

cranvas is an R package for interactive statistical graphics. It is based on the Qt framework. Currently the package is available from github and will come to CRAN some time in 2012.

MANET is for exploring data, whether raw data, transformed data or model residuals. MANET provides a range of graphical tools specially designed for studying multivariate features. Anyone involved in analysing data will find MANET useful for gaining insights into the structure and relationships of their data sets.

GGobi is software for data exploration using highly interactive statistical graphics. My main contribution is a first implementation of area charts, such as barcharts and histograms.

Contact Info

2413 Snecdor Hall
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  • Ph.D., Augsburg University, 2000