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Dr. Jack Dekkers

Jack Dekkers

  • C.F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor
  • Section Leader of Animal Breeding and Genetics
  • Animal Science
Research Emphasis
Quantitative and statistical genetics, including the integration of quantitative and molecular genetics and genomics for QTL mapping, genome-wide association studies, and genomic prediction and selection; design and economic aspects of breeding programs for livestock.

Research Contributions
Methods for economic evaluation of breeding programs in competitive markets
Methods for simulation of breeding programs that combine stochastic and deterministic models
Design and evaluation of dairy breeding programs to capitalise on reproductive technologies
Analytical methods to derive asymptotic responses to selection on BLUP breeding values that account for the effects of selection on genetic variance
Effects associated with genetic markers under the infinitesimal genetic model
Genetic analysis and national genetic evaluation systems for somatic cell score, longevity, and dystocia for dairy cattle.
Derivation of economic values and development of total economic index for dairy bulls in Canada
Use of random regression models for analysis of test-day data
Optimal selection on non-linear profit functions over multiple generations through the use of optimal control theory
Marker-assisted selection and optimal selection to resolve the conflict between short- versus long-term responses with marker-assisted selection
Statistical methods for QTL mapping and their application to detect genes and QTL in pigs.
Evaluation of measures of linkage disequilibrium
Comparison of methods for linkage disequilibrium analysis
Use of high-density SNP genotyping for genomic selection, including improvement of crossbred performance
Implementation of genomic selection using low-density SNP panels
Experimental evaluation of genomic selection in layer chickens
Selection index methods for evaluation of marker-assisted and genomic selection
Genetic and biological aspects of residual feed intake in pigs; development of RFI research consortium.
Genome-wide association study for host response to PRRS in pigs; Discovery of major QTL on chromosome 4.
Identification of Severe Combined Immuno-Deficiency (SCID) in pigs and development of SCID pigs for biomedical research.

Contact Info

239D Kildee Hall
806 Stange Road
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  • Ph.D., Animal Breeding, Universty of Wisconsin, 1989
  • M.S., Animal Science, Agricultural University, Wageningen, 1985
  • B.S., Animal Science, Agricultural University, Wageningen, 1982