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Tavis Anderson

Tavis Anderson

  • Research Biologist at the National Animal Disease Center, USDA-ARS, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine

I am a Research Biologist at the National Animal Disease Center, USDA-ARS in Ames, Iowa. I am interested in the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases. I use tools from network theory and phylogenetics to: 1) explain how interaction networks affect the transmission of animal pathogens; 2) develop computational methods for understanding the diversity of highly variable RNA viruses and design effective vaccines; and 3) characterize the influence of genetic diversity on infectious disease dynamics. I address these questions using pathogens infecting swine (e.g., influenza A and Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus).

As a USDA-ARS federal employee, my role in the BCB program for graduate student training can include co-major advisor, POS committee members, and rotation mentor. I can give invited guest lectures for courses and/or seminar series and collaborate with BCB faculty on mutually beneficial research.

Contact Info

1920 Dayton Ave
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  • Ph.D., Ecology & Evolution, Rutgers University, 2009
  • B.Sc. (Hons), Microbiology & Parasitology, The University of Queensland, 2001
  • B.Sc., Parasitology, The University of Queensland, 2000