BCB Teaching Faculty

Dr. Carolyn J Lawrence-Dill photo
Professor, Instructor of BCB 691, BCB 690, BCBio 322, Chair of BCB - 2017 - 2019
Gene Function, Crop Genetics
Photograph of Julie Dickerson
Professor, Instructor - BCB 570 and 590 Sec 3, Supervisory Committee - ex officio for the P3 program
Metabolomics, Image Processing, Machine Learning
Photograph of Karin Dorman
Professor, Instructor - BCB 568, Supervisory Committee - 2017 - 2020
Comparative Genomics, Statistical Bioinformatics, Mathematical Biology
Photo of Oliver Eulenstein
Professor, Instructor - BCB 567
Computational Biology, Phylogenomics, Phylogenetics
Photograph of Iddo Friedberg
BCB Chair and Director of Graduate Education (DOGE) - 2019 - 2021, Associate Professor
Deep Learning, Computational Genomics, Evolutionary Genomics
Photograph of Xun Gu
Professor, Instructor - BCB 590 sec. 4
Computational Biology
Photograph of Matthew Hufford
Associate Professor
Crop Genetics
Photograph of Robert Jernigan
Professor, Instructor - BCB 569 and 593
proteomics, Structural Bioinformatics, Machine Learning
Assistant Professor
Using systems integration of large-scale omics approaches to explore how auxin signaling modules control diverse developmental processes in Arabidopsis
Dr. Dennis Lavrov photo
Associate Professor, Instructor - BCB 546X
Phylogenetics, Molecular Evolution, Mitochondrial Biology
Photo of Justin Walley
Assistant Professor, Associate Chair - 2019 - 2021, Instructor - BIOL 212
Professor, Instructor - BCBIO 444 and 491
Metabolomics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Plant Biology