Dr. William Beavis

Major/Co-Major Professor
Photograph of William Beavis

Most often cited for his discovery of bias in estimates of genetic effects in QTL analyses of populations with poor power (the "Beavis Effect"), Dr. William Beavis gained extensive experience in the application of statistical genetic methods during his twelve years at Pioneer Hi-Bred. Subsequent to his career at Pioneer, Bill was the CSO and COO at the National Center for Genome Resources, a private non-profit bioinformatics research institute. While at NCGR Dr. Beavis was the principal investigator for a variety of bioinformatics projects including the The Arabidopsis Information Resource, the Legume Information System, Semantic Web, GEySIR system, and the GeneX and GeneX-Lite gene expression systems. Dr. Beavis joined the faculty at Iowa State University as the G.F. Sprague Chair of Crop Genomics in September 2007. His academic appointment is 75% research and 25% teaching. Bill’s research interests are to design efficient breeding systems to translate genomic discoveries into improved cultivars through application of Operations Research and Systems Engineering. By bringing engineering and biological discoveries together, he intends to assure that the full genetic potential of domesticated crop species can be realized. Bill’s teaching interests are in that biologists have the necessary mathematical, quantitative and computational education to be successful in the 21st Century.

Area of Expertise: 
Operations Research and Genetic Improvement
Ph.D., Plant Breeding, Iowa State University, 2014
Agronomy Hall