Zebulun W Arendsee

Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Wurtele Lab
Zeb Arendsee


Past research experiences included a Summer 2010 Bioinformatics Internship at Iowa State under Dr. Anne Bronikowski where he:

• Researched the metabolism of garter snakes
• Responsible for writing Perl script to parse transcriptome sequence data and extract information from Genbank files, and creating pipelines to manage automated BLAST searches

From 2007 and 2009 he was a Research Assistant under Dr. Mark Gomelsky at the Univ. of WY where he:

• Researched the light dependency of Klebsiella pneumonia biofilms
• Responsible for all stages of molecular cloning: primer design, plasmid construction, restriction mapping, transformation via electroporation, and sequencing
• Responsible for experimental design, preparing media and cultures, and
running PCR and gel electrophoresis experiments

He has many interests. "In the biological arean, these include the use of biotechnology to solve human prpblems. De novo metabolic engineering holds the promise of clean chemical synthesis. the flexible metabolic pathways of fungi could revolutionize waste management and remediation of polluted land. Crops engineered to be perennial could greatly increase the efficiency of agriculture and help stave off climate change."

Area of Expertise: 
Gene Evolution
B.S., Molecular Biology, University of Wyoming, 2012
+1 307 286 0606
37 Schilletter Vlg Apt D