Zerui Zhang

Graduate Research Assistant, Ph.D., Rotation Student
Zerui Zhang

Research Interests: Statistical genetics, data modeling and analysis






Research experiences

Undergraduate thesis: Study on epigenetical regulator CDYL - Feb 2017 – Jun 2017

Supervisor: Haitao LI, professor at Medical School, Tsinghua University

- Cloned and got 8 CDYL point mutants, used isothermal titration to test their binding ability to the

ligand Acetyl-CoA. Try to confirm the location of catalytic pocket in the amino acid sequence.

- Purified and crystalized the CDYL-Acetyl-CoA compound and used x-ray to get structure information.


Enrichment of low-abundance genes by engineered ttAgo - Aug 2015 - Dec 2016

Research student (RA), Supervisor: Haitao LI, professor at Medical School, Tsinghua University

- Took charge of the TtAgo experiment, modified the purification of TtAgo; succeeded increasing enriching efficiency of low-abundance long noncoding RNA.

 - Proved the interaction effectiveness of ttAgo-gDNA-mRNA using negative gel electrophoresis and QPCR.

- Summarized the process and results, wrote a report, and gave a presentation; won Third Prize at the 34th THU Challenge Cup.


Gerontology research on nutrient promotion and the influence of diabetes - Mar 2016 - Dec 2016

Intern, Employer: Ping ZENG, researcher at Dept. of Epidemiology, Beijing Hospital and Beijing Institute of Geriatrics

- Collected data on nutrient intake and health conditions of elderly in China, used graphs to depict information, wrote a proposal for the China Ministry of Health about nutritional improvements amongst the elderly.

-  Cleansed clinical data of those aged 65 and above including indexes from complete blood count and physical examinations; applied K-Nearest Neighbor to estimate the missing values.

- Analyze and indicate the possible relationships between BMI, self-help skill index and blood glucose level.


Regulation of transcriptional factors and signaling pathways in stomach development – July 4 – August 28, 2016

Summer student, Supervisor: Tae-Hee KIM, assistant professor at Dept. of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto

- Prepared section blocks through dissecting embryos of mice with specific genes disrupted, and embedding the tissues with wax; completed the sections and staining in order to observe the influences of mutations on the stomach.

- Found the difference in thickness of smooth muscle layers in mice with disrupted Hedgehog signaling pathway; collected 3 sets of data including WT and mutant, and proved the significance of smooth muscle reduction.

- Presented experiment results using a poster at the Tsinghua-Bayer Life Science Forum in 2016.


The influence of KIF5B on mitochondrial tubulation - Aug 2014 - May 2015

RA, Supervisor: Li YU, professor at School of Life Science, Tsinghua University

- To confirm the requirement of KIF5B for mitochondrial tubulation, I purified plasmids with no KIF5B and inducible KIF5B, and helped collect confocal images of the tubulation process.

- Incubated rat NK cells and set the optimal time of cell propagation.

-  Co-authored and published "Dynamic tubulation of mitochondria drives mitochondrial network formation"on Cell Research.



Basic biological experiment skills: biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics and histology.

Computational skills: C, Python, Java, R, SPSS and SAS.

Area of Expertise: 
statistics and modeling
biological data analysis
B.S., Biological Sciences, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China