Robert Gentleman to Present

Monday, October 5, 2015 - 4:10pm
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*Robert Gentleman of 23andMe

Statistics in the Era of Big Data – Genetics and Genomics


I will discuss some of the many statistical problems that arise when working with large genetic and genomic data sets.  I will give a high level view of some of the applications of statistical reasoning to large data sets.  Some views of what has worked well – what has been missed and what opportunities are coming up.


*Dr. Robert Gentleman is vice president of computational biology at the personal genetics company 23andMe.  He is co-originator of the R software environment for statistical computing and graphics and a lead founder of the open source, open development Bioconductor project.


Reception begins at 3:30 outside of the auditorium !!  Dan Nettleton, BCB Faculty Member in Statistics, is hosting and encourages you to attend.